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Chill Spot

The Collectible

Chillin at 4.6 inches tall, Jonah appears in Youtooz form. Holding a can of pop with one arm in his pocket, tucked in t-shirt emerging out of his unzipped fly, this collectible looks to capture what it means to be Jonah. On the legs are basic blue jeans and dad sneakers. Jonah rocks a bowl cut and wears a t-shirt with a print communicating how he really feels. The window box was designed in collaboration with Jonah to capture Nick and his parents sitting on a couch in their living room. This figure ships in a matte, embossed outer sleeve.

About Jonah

Nick Antonyan, also known as Jonah is an American comedian, creator and member of the Vlog Squad. He currently stars in a web series that follows his pursuit to stardom. He's really one of a kind.