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The Collectible

Jschlatt is a beautiful 4.3 inch tall collectible sculpted from Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl. Handsome and very stylish in a 3-piece suit, could someone more trustworthy exist in the world? Invest and watch as he multiplies your money. According to Schlatt himself, this figure can only go up in value. Guaranteed. Sporting a red power tie, as well as a briefcase containing the secrets to success, jschlatt is sculpted holding his infamous Schlattcoin. His horns are precisely chiseled onto the skull. The packaging is inspired by profit and was designed in collaboration with Schlatt. This collectible is housed in a double-walled window box, that comes with an embossed, matte, protective outer sleeve. Buy this for instant profits!*

*100% not a scam

About Jschlatt

6'3. Handsome. Tall. The world's most successful scam-artist businessman. And the creator of a currency whose value only goes up. Schlatt is a streamer and content creator who records with a group of friends. He also walks everywhere for some reason.