Jschlatt Baby Ram (1ft)
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Footlong Baby Ram

The Plush

The mega-cute baby ram, features a squishy take on the classic Schlatt, sweater wearing ram. With a giant oversized collar, this plush barely fits in its blanky. His tiny brown hooves stick out of the front while a white tail pops out of the back. His ram horns haven’t grown in fully, and are still cute brown stumps. His ears flop down the sides, while his eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered and extra cute cheeks blush red. This plush ships in special packaging to protect the baby on his way to your home.

About jschlatt

6'3. Handsome. Tall. The world's most successful scam-artist businessman. And the creator of a currency whose value only goes up. Schlatt is a streamer and content creator who records with a group of friends. He also walks everywhere for some reason.

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