Jschlatt Sleepy Ram (1ft)
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Footlong Sleepy Ram

The Plush

Zzz…. rock-a-bye jschlatt, on a tree top. When the wind blows, the tree top will rock. When the stone breaks, a diamond will fall. Up will come profits, for jschlatt and all. This exquisitely detailed limited edition plushie is 12 inches tall, and features a sleepy take on the original jschlatt ram. With classic Youtooz eyes flipped upside down, this drowsy ram can’t wait to climb back into bed for a deep slumber. He wears a polka dotted baby blue and white sleeping mask over his forehead, and a seriously cute onesie which is held together by buttons from behind. He also comes with a companion pillow, with the words Schweet Dreams embroidered on one side, and a blushing expression on the other. Two soft brown horns wrap around his ears, the ram is stuffed full of ultra-soft 100% PP cotton and a little bit of pink plush on the cheeks. This plush is 12 inches tall and ships in a custom made, waterproof mailer using specifications made by Youtooz for maximum protection from the elements.

About Jschlatt

6'3. Handsome. Tall. The world's most successful scam-artist businessman. And the creator of a currency whose value only goes up. Schlatt is a streamer and content creator who records with a group of friends. He also walks everywhere for some reason.

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