Jschlatt Surprised Pillow (1ft)
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Footlong Surprised Pillow
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The Plush

Whaaaaat!? jschlatt’s open mouthed, surprised pillow makes its debut! This comfortable plush is packed full with 100% pp-cotton. It features plush horns, ears, stubs for hands and feet, as well as a tail. He has an embroidered facial expression, complete with nostrils, mouth, open mouth, and classic Youtooz eyes. A great present and companion for hugging, resting your back, legs or neck, the jschlatt pillow is a cushy addition to anyone’s living area. This plush ships in packaging designed by Youtooz to protect it from the elements.

About Jschlatt

6'3. Handsome. Tall. The world's most successful scam-artist businessman. And the creator of a currency whose value only goes up. Schlatt is a streamer and content creator who records with a group of friends. He also walks everywhere for some reason.