Juno Birch
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Alien Diva in Manchester

The Collectible

How very dare she? That is happening. Juno Birch stands 4.8 inches tall, in crisp white high heels. She wears a pink dress, with a cow patterned black and white spotted apron. Around her neck hangs a pearl necklace, while her hands are covered with yellow plastic gloves with nails painted overtop. She wears pink glasses, golden hoop earrings and holds a flamingo tucked under one arm. Juno Birch’s double-walled window box shows Juno’s backyard, with an outdoor patio table that has a single grey ash tray on top with a cigarette burning inside. Her interior uses a pink pattern to match her brand. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Juno Birch

Juno Birch is a British drag queen, sculptor, wig stylist and content creator on Youtube. She is known for her unique, alien-esque aesthetic, looking like she crash landed on Earth in 1962.

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