Justin Whang
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Making his Youtooz debut Justin Whang riffs in at an electrifying 4.6”. Holding a stunning seven string purple guitar in both hands and posed mid shred, his mouth opens in a huge smile from between his thick moustache and beard. While his long luscious brown hair is pushed out of his face and falls mid way down his back, sweeping out to the side. He’s dressed in a stylish black jacket over the top of a dark grey hoodie and jeans while rocking the slickest grey and white high top sneakers. The exterior of his packaging takes the form of an old school internet browser with a background of flaming skulls and a virus pop up window. This skull pattern continues through the packaging to its interior, surrounding him entirely. While on the protective sleeve the virus has taken over, with pop ups and skulls entirely covering the surface.

About Justin Whang

Justin Whang, also known as Whang!, is an American YouTuber and musician best known for his Tales from the Internet series where he meticulously dives into deepest, darkest, weirdest and wildest internet obscurities. Since his first upload in 2016, he has continued to bring to light the most peculiar stories to his over 1 million subscribers while also playing guitar in the band Jynx.

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