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God of Undead Miracles
September 15 – October 15

The Collectible

"How... interesting."

K9KURO has just arrived and he is ready for some miracles! This cutie stands at 5 inches tall and is dressed in his iconic costume. He is wearing black boots with a slight heel, while his right leg is wrapped in bandages up to his black romper. The romper is speckled with splotches of beige with a cross near the bottom of the right leg. Worn on his torso is black and grey hooded jacket. With the hood up and over his hair, Kuro has his left hand in the pocket while handcuffs hang out while attached to that wrist. His right hand is up holding his hood open, showing his face half covered with a black mask, as Kuro's eyes shine above it. His face is framed with tendrils of dark hair and spires of bright red highlights. Poking through the top of his hood are his pointy ears, with the right one having two piercings. The windowed display box has been illustrated to show a scene from a cemetery as a crater is filled with skulls surrounded by red grass and trees. The interior of the box was designed with the view of a dock over some water, with trees and tombstones in the distance. The protective sleeve continues that same design in part blacked out from the silhouette of a tree in the foreground. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About K9KURO

Kuro Kurenai AKA K9KURO is a Vtuber who uploades videos and streams in English. Affiliated with VShojo, K9KURO was the first male Vtuber on the team, who debuted in the fall of 2023. He has since gained a following of over 425 thousand subscribers across Twitch and YouTube.

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