Karaoke Slimecicle
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The Collectible

You would not believe your eyes. Make it count. Play it Slime. Make bad puns and always rhyme, I just went big time. The world is my clam and I am an oyster. This figure is an excuse to vicariously live my dreams of being in a boy band, please do not tell anyone. But if you know of any boy bands that are hiring please hit them up. Slimecicle's second Youtooz features Charlie and a group of his Slime's in karaoke edition. Standing 4.9 inches tall, this detailed collectible sees Slimecicle singing into a microphone covered with a cute, tiny, smiling ball of slime. On his head rests a bigger Slime with a kazoo in his mouth playing along. Each slime has a unique shape and is created out of transparent slime-like material. Around his neck, Charlie is blinged out with a gold chain, complete with a pendent of a golden apple granting him superhuman abilities. He wears bright red designer sneakers complete with sculpted wings on his feet and a black tracksuit with green prints on the sides. Across his chest are red hearts, his classic Slimecicle style. The double-walled window box was illustrated in collaboration with Slimecicle to create a scene of a concert. The collectible ships in a matte, embossed, outer sleeve.

About Slimecicle

Gamer. Punmaster. Kazoo fiend. Hey! I'm Slimecicle! You've probably seen some of my-wait. I know you. Yes… your face. Yes. I have seen this face. Through one side of the screen you lightly exhale out of your nose at my joke and through the other… I watch. Through the vast digital landscape of colors and sound, I always watch… and dream. And I have dreamed of. THIS MOMENT. YES. LET. ME. OUT.