Kastro Plush (6in)
Sold out!

The Plush

HEY YOU! Now's your chance to show off your deep knowledge of Youtooz lore, with an extremely limited edition plush of the plush designer themselves! How's that for meta? They sit at a perfectly respectable 6 inches tall, speckled with colorful spots along their feelers and sporting a tasteful green hoodie. This plush is stuffed with ultra-soft 100% PP (lol) cotton, and manifests directly to you! (after being shipped, of course). Kastro makes no promises on the chance of this plush coming to life and stealing your other plushies for themselves, but id keep an eye on them.

About Kastro

Kastro is Youtooz's plush designer, having made a little over 2000 concepts to date, with no plans on slowing down! They work with all the other amazing and super talented artists and employees at Youtooz to make sure that every product is as awesome as possible. They're also a little blue alien, but that doesn't seem to effect the workplace dynamic.

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