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Human Bean

The Collectible:

Don't mind me, I am just a genderless and cozy bean. Ketnipz sits at 3.5 inches tall, with their legs tucked under their pink hoodie. Their hands are hiding in the pouch of the hoodie. While the drawstring is pulled tight and tied in a cute bow. The windowed display box has been illustrated showing Ketnipz in their room. They are sitting in a nest of blankets and pillows, surrounded by animals and laundry. Their computer sits in front of them, with the light shining on them as they eat ice cream. The interior of the box shows Ketnipz in numerous coloured hoodies, sitting and posing in different positions as a pattern across the box. The protective sleeve has been decorated with a light blue sky speckled with white fluffy clouds. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Ketnipz:

Ketnipz is the world's cutest bean. They are the creation of English cartoonist Harry Hambley. The name itself does not mean anything, it is only meant to sound fun and different. Hambley has been creating illustrations of Ketnipz and other designs since 2018 and has since amassed a following of over 3.2 million on Instagram. Ketnipz was designed to be very neutral and disconnected from the world, so it can connect with everyone.

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