KetNipz Sushi Plush (1ft)
$34.99 USD

The Plush

KetNipz returns to Youtooz to…well… just vibe really! At 1ft long and laying on their stomach as their soft pink bean of a body flops out with its arms and legs extended, a small happy smile crosses their face under a short nose and two huge black eyes. Perfectly sliced by a Sushi master who has trained for years to master their craft, a thick layer of streaky orange salmon sits on their back and is held in place by green seaweed which wraps around their body. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of a mixture of normal and sublimated minky materials, absolutely perfect for cuddling or enjoying a bite to eat with!

About Ketnipz

Ketnipz is the world's cutest bean. They are the creation of English cartoonist Harry Hambley. The name itself does not mean anything, it is only meant to sound fun and different. Hambley has been creating illustrations of Ketnipz and other designs since 2018 and has since amassed a following of over 3.2 million on Instagram. Ketnipz was designed to be very neutral and disconnected from the world, so it can connect with everyone.

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