Kian Lawley
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Hola Senorita Bonita

The Collectible

Boo! Got ya :) Hey, Mini Kian here! You know what’s great? I love going to new places and I’m soooo small you can take me anywhere! How perfect? Bring me with you in your pocket, purse or you can clip me to your backpack. This is going to be a fun adventure, I can tell. He stands 5 inches tall, throwing up a couple hand signs. His forearms are covered in multiple tattoos. Kian wears a horizontally striped red and white shirt, with a red collar. He has a golden nose ring, and a silver earring dangling from one ear. On the feet are red and white sneakers, while the legs are covered by dark jeans. Kian’s window box takes on a retro cartoon theme which sees him frolicking in a field. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About KianAndJC

Kian Lawley and Justin “JC” Caylen created a collaborative channel in 2014 which has grown to millions of fans since inception. They are known for their vlogs and challenge videos.

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