King Caleb
$29.99 USD
The First

The Collectible

‘Hey, uh. Where’s my letter?’

King Caleb makes his glorious return to Youtooz with his second figure! Standing at a regal 5 inches and draped in a luxurious maroon robe lined with a rich white fur, a smug grin flashes across his face under his thick moustache. Atop his tight black curls sits a glorious jewelled yellow crown to match the long sceptre gripped in his right hand, while his left rests on the hilt of a short sword fixed to his waist. Not taking away from his kingly attire, he wears a simple black outfit with large yellow belt buckle and slick grey sneakers. The exterior of his packaging is a glorious throne room and sees a long red carpet leading to a gold throne between floor length drapes. While the interior is a collage of only the most kingly musings over a maroon background. The protective sleeve shows a pigeon carrying a most important message through a cloudy but blue sky. This collectible was designed in collaboration with the community member @therealracckun, ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About CalebCity

Caleb Glass, also known as CalebCity is a creator living in the United States of America. Getting his start in the early days of Vine, Caleb has since transitioned onto Youtube where he has millions of viewers as he creates videos centered around gaming and comedy skits.

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