King Toonz
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The Collectible

Perched upon his throne, King Toonz watches over the land. Anger him and you'll meet your fate! This stunningly, detailed collectible comes seated in a 5 inch tall throne. Cartoonz is seated wearing royal attire, enjoying a glass of juice out of a golden, ruby studded goblet fit for a king. On his feet he wears brown and yellow boots, white pants which include sculpted black buttons on the sides, as well as a royal top with modeled white fur and a droopy red oversized cape on his body. His devil's tail peeks out from behind the cape. On his fingers are an emerald and sapphire rings. He smiles as a heavy gold crown tilts slightly over his black hair. Ears sculpted in devilish form, Cartoonz throne contains a red cushion and wood-looking backing. His window box uses large stones as the background and red drapes over the top and sides of the box for a more royal feel. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Cartoonz

It's only hard till it's not. Cartoonz, also known as Luke Patterson is an ex aircraft structural engineer turned to creator who has gained millions of subscribers since his start on Youtube in March of 2015.

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