KreekCraft Live
$29.99 USD
Horse Dance

The Collectible

You know what time it is! KreekCraft goes live with his second youtooz! With an immaculately crafted horse head he stands at 4.8” tall. His light brown and white face smiles happily exposing his big pearly white teeth, while his ears poke out from the luscious dark brown mane atop his head. In his outstretched left hand, he holds a microphone with a horse logo on the front. He rocks a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans with a collared red over shirt and white sneakers. His bushy brown tail pokes out from the back of his shirt. The exterior of the packaging shows him in front a green screen along with POV of his setup and multiple monitors. While the interior is a relaxed stream background with comfy cushions and a shield strewn around. The protective sleeve depicts the exterior of his flashy streaming PC. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About KreekCraft

Forrest, better known as KreekCraft is a gaming content creator uploading to YouTube living in the United States of America. He joined the platform in 2014 and is known for his livestreams, skits and memes. He has grown to millions of viewers around the world and uploaded thousands of videos since inception.

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