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The Collectible

Knowledge, Strength, Integrity = KSI. Straight out of England, KSI needs no introduction. 2020 brings yet another W for KSI with the release of his own limited edition Youtooz. Designers worked with KSI to immortalize the moment he successfully defended his Youtube Boxing Championship belt in a back and forth bout which resulted in a victory over Logan Paul. The collectible stands 4.7 inches tall and styles KSI wearing his custom boxing gloves, complete with detailed sculpts of red tape and prints of the KSI logo, as well as the shorts and sneakers worn in the ring the night of the contest.

Across his forehead is his iconic bandana, which for years was rumored to be permanently held in place leaving fans to speculate what may be hidden underneath. Across the chest is a tattoo which reads Knowledge as well as Strength and Integrity tattoos embedded on the forearms. Between the gloves KSI holds the Youtube Boxing Championship belt, with details carefully sculpted to resemble the real thing. On his face, KSI grins with his classic mischievous expression, proudly earned after months of hard work and preparation. The smooth sculpt on the muscles of the body demonstrate an athletic physique. The double-walled window box is designed after a boxing ring, showcasing the bright lights on fight night. The matte, embossed protective sleeve bears the Sidemen logo with the letter 'S' visible from the rear. Yo, I'll take it.

About KSI

JJ, also known as KSI is an internet icon, musician and Youtube boxing champion from the United Kingdom. In 2009, he started recording videos in his bedroom with a no budget, a controller and a webcam. Since then, he has garnered billions of views and helped build the Sidemen redefining what it means to be a gamer.

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