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Pink Blossom


Kson総長がYoutoozに!得意のうんこ座り姿で高さ4.2インチ(約10.6cm)で登場!赤みが掛かった可愛い頬に、舌ピアスを見せた最高な笑顔をお届けします。自慢の青メッシュポニーテイルにワイルドな前髪が特徴的です。 白いさらしとピンクのサクラが舞い散る素敵なボンタンを着こなし、黒いグローブと金色のベルトが彼女のハクラン姿を際立てています。パッケージの外装は、サクラが舞い散る中、巨大な金色のドラゴンが雄々しく飛んでいる様子を表現しています。パッケージの内側は美しいピンクのグラデーションの背景に、サクラの花びらが舞っております。保護スリーブには、サクラが散った上に金色の龍がクローズアップされております。こちらのコレクターズアイテムは輸送の際の最大限の保護を提供する為、艶消しとエンボス加工された保護アウタースリーブとカスタムサイズのプラスチックプロテクターと一緒に出荷されます。




The Collectible

Kson is ready to teach you a lesson with her Youtooz debut! Posed in a full squat at 4.2” with her arms resting on her knees. Her face is full of delight with blushing pink cheeks and a big open mouthed playful smile that shows off her tongue piercing. Her luscious blue hair is pulled into a large pony tail with the bangs that fall messily around her face. She’s outfitted in a white sarashi and puffy white pants with a pink blossom pattern. Her black gloves and gold studded belt contrast the rest of her white attire perfectly. The exterior of her packaging shows a huge golden dragon majestically flying through a background of falling pink petals. While the interior is a beautiful pink gradient background dotted with light and dark pink petals. The protective sleeve displays a close up for the golden dragon above mounds of fallen pink blossoms. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Kson

Kson is an independent English and Japanese language VTuber. She is known for her energetic gaming and singing streams as well as her love of the Yakuza series. After making her debut on the Japanese video sharing website Niconico Douga, she now primarily uploads and streams on YouTube and Twitch.

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