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Kyle Forgeard, also known as Pegasus, Daequan or Daquavis, is the co-founder of Nelk and a professional sender. He's also a full time auntie hunter, part time hockey scout, rona enthusiast and almost made the show. His collectible stands on hockey skates at 4.9 inches tall, holding a twofour of beer in one hand and stick in the other. As inviting as he seems don't be fooled, the mitts are off — chirp him again and it's tilly time. Over his legs he wears loose grey sweatpants, as well as a red and black hockey jersey complete with a stamped outline of the Canadian maple leaf. His expression is an homage to Kyle's go too confused look during the dialogue of a prank. The window box was illustrated by Youtooz artists to recreate scenes from Kyle's stint as a little league hockey scout, including the now legendary quote "which one's your daughter?". This collectible ships in a matte, protective outer sleeve.

About Nelk

Over the past few years Nelk has developed out of a small group filming pranks across Canada into a globally recognized brand. Kyle and Jesse have succeeded in turning their Full Send brand into a household name synonymous with the partying. Known for merch drops which sell out in seconds, Youtooz is proud to partner with the Nelk Boys as they dip their toes into the universe of collectibles.

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