Lil Anomaly
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The Collectible

I walk in the club and I stunt. If you wanna learn how to rap then step in my dojo. Flip a brick and they call me Yung Rocket. That's cus I'm strapped with an RPG-7, mess with my papa and we send you to heaven! Lil Anomaly skrrrttts up to Youtooz sitting on a rack of cases, while holding an extremely detailed sculpt of an ultra rare item in his hand. He's ballin and flexin on you. With a Soundcloud fashioned pink dreads, Anomaly is ready to take the rap world by storm. He wears a hypebeast Youtooz box logo shirt and bright pink crocs on his feet. He's a trendsetter. Covering his face is a black balaclava. This collectible ships in an embossed, matte, protective sleeve. 


About Anomaly

Anomaly, A.K.A. Fat Pewdiepie, is a Swede who doctor's describe as "very special". Anomaly is Sweden's best CS:GO player, is always unboxing knives and recording himself being stupid with his friends. Very nice papa!

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