Lofi Girl (1ft)
$120.00 USD
Forever Studying

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The Collectible

A peaceful companion for nostalgic, late nights. The 12 inch tall, designer collectible study girl from Lofi Girl's famous lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to is sculpted with love. Based on her original Youtooz, this upgraded, multiple piece figure features additional, moveable parts including her backpack, desk lamp, potted plant, as well as a multi tone cup holding scissors and writing utensils. A global figure for strugglers and procrastinators everywhere. Her desk has individually printed study notes, textbooks and serene chubby cat. Lofi girl wears a cozy, oversized green sweatshirt and red scarf. Her hair is styled in a ponytail. She wears custom printed over-ear headphones, perfect to hear the low and mid frequencies emitted by chill beats. She rests her chin in one hand and continues writing with the other. Relaxed at home, on her feet are custom made, detailed pink cow slippers with droopy ears. On the pages of her notebook, text that was voted in by the lofi community is written. Her cursive penmanship on the first page reads “when I write, I have the strange feeling I’m being watched. I can’t describe it, but I know that there are thousands of people who can see me and they find comfort and healing watching me write. I wonder where these journals go.” The second page remains a mystery, seen only by those who add this statue to their collection. The collectible ships in a tough outer box with soft protective foam, which glides open to reveal the delicate treasure inside. The box contains a custom 360 degree artwork of Lofi Girl’s iconic bedroom illustrated by Youtooz artists to honor Lofi Girl's vision.

Classic Lofi Girl scenery

About Lofi Girl

Lofi Girl represents one of the most recognizable music streams on the internet called lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to. The 24/7 stream is known for its well curated music selection and beautiful anime inspired artwork of a girl studying. With millions of subscribers and thousands of listeners every second of the day, Lofi Girl is an internet icon.

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