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Big Brain

The Collectible

You know me, I don't care for sentiment. Knowledge is an incomparably valuable, multipurpose tool that is instrumental in identifying and solving any problem. If you're worried about getting hurt, then seek knowledge; it is our greatest weapon, and our greatest defense. Logan is 4.7 inches tall. He wears a smart outfit with a black shirt, white print of a brain in glasses and multi striped blue tie. On his feet are black dress shoes which match his black belt. He holds a notepad and pen in his hand to take careful notes of observations that may come his way. On his face are a pair of black glasses. The window box contains a patterned illustration overlayed on dark colors matching Logan’s serious personality. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is a musician, actor and content creator known for his skits on Vine and Youtube. Born in Florida, he started his career doing impressions of popular characters online. Since then, he has garnered millions of views and subscribers on the internet.

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