Logan Plush (9in)
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The Plush

Logan returns to Youtooz in an incredibly cute plush form! Sitting at 9 inches, Logan is here to solve any issues. His facial expression shows a stern look with just a tad bit of blush on both of his cheeks. The signature Youtooz eyes are embroidered with a black thread, and his brown hair is styled to the right side. He is accessorized with black glasses and is dressed in a black dress shirt with a blue and black tie. On the top left of the shirt is a gray logo of a brain with glasses. On the bottom, he is wearing blue pants with black shoes. This plush is made out of 100% soft PP cotton and is generously filled with stuffing.

About Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is a musician, actor and content creator known for his skits on Vine, Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. Born in Florida, he started his career doing impressions of popular characters online. Since then, he has garnered millions of views and subscribers on the internet.

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