Longdog Plush (9in)
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The Plush

Let me do it for you!

Long dog sniffs their way into Youtooz to be the best helper around with this adorable plush! Sitting at 9 inches tall with the longest snout stretching down towards the ground, their huge black and brown eyes stare up at you filled with love! With two long ears resting at either side of their head, a shaggy tail extends from the back of their perfect beige body as their front paws rest between their back feet which are flipped up to reveal the cutest heart shaped paw pads! This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of both faux fur and minky materials, absolutely perfect for cuddling or helping to reach those hard to get places!

About Longdog

Longdog is Borzoi doggo, a breed of Russian sight hounds known for their hunting prowess, quick learning, calmness and sometimes stubbornness due to boredom. With the creation of the ‘Let me do it for you” meme, videos and animations of these long bois using their snouts to help out have flooded the internet!

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