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The Collectible

Ludwig7. Boys, this is for the people who know about the dark pulse flinch. Who saw me suffer and succeed at the end of pogostuck 2. Who know the trials and tribulations of the God gamer challenge. And most importantly for every person who's been banned. Ludwig7 to you. Saluting at 4.8 inches tall, Ludwig’s second Youtooz wears a loose fitted baby blue hoodie with his black logo on the front, black track pants with white stripes on the side and yellow Timbs. Complete with a gold watch, his stoic expression and pet cat complete the collectible. His double-walled window box was inspired by his Twitch emote collection and design style. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Ludwig Ahgren

Ludwig is a streamer and gaming content creator known for his humor, Mogul Moves clothing line and world's fastest button-masher.

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