Luke TheNotable
$29.99 USD
Note it!

The Collectible:

What's going on Youtooz Fans! Luke is so notable that he has now become a Youtooz. The collectible is 4 inches tall. This notable Youtooz shows Luke's head and next extending from a circular stand. The head is Grey similar to his Minecraft skin that is in greyscale. The windowed display box is also in greyscale, illustrated with a bending checkerboard pattern with white and grey squares. The interior of the box continues the same pattern in a darker colour gradient of grey. The protective outer sleeve is shown with the same winding square pattern as the windowed box. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and the concept was designed in collaboration with the community member @therealracckun.

About Luke TheNotable:

Luke TheNotable is an American Youtuber since 2008. He is best known for his hardcore Minecraft series. Not to mention being a trendsetter with his 100 days youtube challenge series. Luke currently has 4.46 million subscribers on Youtube.

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