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Wide Neck

The Collectible

I know what you're thinking... is his neck really that thick? No. It's thicker. Much, much thicker. Youtooz engineers could not allow Markiplier's true thickness to be exposed to the public as a precaution to avoid potential riots, floods and further anarchy. Markiplier told us that these were just excuses of lesser men, however we had to stand our ground to protect humanity. Note: the neck is not to scale (it is even thicker IRL). Markiplier recommends buying 2 and merging the necks together to make up for the otherwise impeccable figure's shortcoming. Markiplier stands at 4.9 inches tall, is very muscular and wears a black t-shirt with his logo stamped on the front. Extra careful sculpting detail was applied to his neck to show it's true strength. Wearing black sneakers with white soles and blue jeans, Markiplier's flexing collectible is a cute addition on any tabletop. His packaging was designed to replicate the inside of his house while using his pink brand colors on the top and bottom. The back of the box features Chica wearing sunglasses and surfing the web. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Markiplier

Mark Edward Fischbach also known as the man with the wide neck or Markiplier is an American Youtuber, actor and comedian originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. Having amassed billions of views and tens of millions of subscribers, Markiplier's kindness, deep voice and booming laugh are recognizable worldwide.