Maximilian_DOOD Plush (9in)
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Hype Dog

The Plush

"You excited Benny?!"

Maximilian_dood loved his dog so much, we thought everyone should be able to give him a hug with his Youtooz plush debut! This adorable Pomeranian sits at 9 inches tall with his two front paws on top of a vintage game controller, complete with a joystick sticking up from the centre. His back paws sit paw pads facing forward with adorable toe beans and heart-shaped paw pads, while his off-white body is broken up only by the light brown patch on his head and ears. With a spot in his tail that ombre's out from its base, his face is complete with the classic Youtooz eyes above his adorable snout and open mouth with a long hanging tongue. This plush is absolutely packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of a soft minky material, perfect for cuddling as you both beat the next fighter.

About Maximilian_DOOD

Maximilian_dood aka, Maximilian Miles Christiansen is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has fought his way to being one of the most prominent names in the fighting game community. He started his journey on YouTube after losing a job in 2011 and has since killed enough NPCs to get over 2.8 million subscribers across YouTube and Twitch.

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