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The Collectible

After being demonetized for the 400th time, Memeulous approached Youtooz for a figure of his own. This is the masterpiece that was created. True to form, Memeulous comes wearing his black hat, sunglasses and trademark bandana. The bandana design is laser engraved into the sculpt. The figure is wearing Memeulous' favorite hype beast sneakers and a hoodie with the subtle print pleading to help because his wife left and took the kids. Sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl to capture Memeulous' disguised look, this collectible packaged in a double-walled window boxed, as well as an embossed protective sleeve, this figure is can be paired next to ImAllexx.

About Memeulous

Memeulous is a proper bloke with an unknown identity. Never shies away from a pint. Loyal to his multiple e-girlfriends and lifelong defends of e-girls. Carer for ImAllexx and WillNE. Popular for his series LMTH (Last Month This Happened) where he provides commentary of current events around the world and in the community. Loves Ad Revenue.

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