Midnight Capybara Plush (9in)
$29.99 USD
12 o'clock

The Plush

As the clock strikes 12...

The infamous capybara returns to Youtooz in a comfy and magical midnight form! This cutie is designed with a colorway that resembles the beautiful night sky at midnight, using different hues of dark blues and embroidered specs of gold to look like bright stars in the night sky. This little friend will make sure you get the best night's rest and keep away any and all nightmares! This plush is made out of 100% soft PP cotton and is generously filled with stuffing.

About Capybara

Capybaras are the worlds largest rodents who are native to South America. They inhabit savannas and dense forests and live near bodies of water. Due to their appearance and chill behavior, capybaras have become incredibly popular throughout the world.

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