Milkbag SMii7Y
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Canadian Milkbag

The Collectible

SMii7Y is the loveable, Canadian milkbag with a reputation of being an expert at making friends angry in games. Enjoy this limited edition vinyl milkbag! With a smooth sculpt that stands 4 inches tall, this collectible features SMii7Y's signature milkbag with a rainbow propeller hat on the top right corner. The clean double-walled window box design features Milkbag SMii7Y surfing through a sea of ice cold milk. This collectibles ships in a matte, embossed, protective sleeve.

About Smii7y

SMii7Y is a gaming creator best known for his funny moments videos, being Canadian and the shape of his milkbag avatar with a red, blue and yellow propeller hat which he designed on his own. He has been on Youtube for nearly a decade.

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