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The Collectible

Big Sidawg to his closer friends, some say he's like a young Will Smith. Welcome Miniminter, as he jogs off the football field and into your home with this cute collectible. Designed with detail in mind, Miniminter is 4.8 inches tall, wearing a black hoodie complete with the MMXIX logo, Sidemen shorts with a ball held by his side. On one pinky is a classic gold ring, and while on the other wrist his favorite white watch. This collectible wears custom size 12 green, white and blue cleats, sculpted to match Miniminter's playing shoes.

Bearing his usual playful expression, Miniminter's hair is manufactured using a two-tone blonde spray coating to resemble his bleached blonde look. The double-walled window box is designed to resemble game day on a football field. Using dark Sidemen colors combined with a black and white football pattern, this collectible will have you yelling GOOAAAAL!!! The matte, embossed protective sleeve bears the Sidemen logo with the letter 'I' visible from the rear.

About Miniminter

Simon Edward Minter, also known as Wedgeman Simon, also known as Miniminter is a creator born in Hertfordshire, England and best known for his love of football (particularly Leeds United F.C), gaming and co-creation of the Sidemen. Always ready for a crossbar challenge, Simon's second home is on the field.

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