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The Collectible

I wonder if I can stab my drink… Hello!!! It’s me Minx or Justaminx, whichever one works. I am here to play video games and entertain people. I’m from the wee old island known as Ireland. Maybe you heard of it? Standing 4.5 inches tall, Minx wears a dark color scheme. Complete with headphones and devil horns, she wears a choker and oversized sleeves which drape past her hands while she holds a bottle against her body. She wears high top sneakers with purple trim to match her hair. Her double-walled window box takes inspiration from vaporwave culture and blends it with purple hues, a night sky, flames and broken hearts.

About Minx

Minx is an Irish content creator and livestreamer known for her style, dark humor and moments on Love or Host. She has grown to millions of views since starting to stream in 2018.

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