Money Launcher
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The Money Launcher

This is a bonus item that comes with the March 27, 2020 drop of the Sidemen. The only way to obtain it is to purchase the full Sidemen collection from this drop (KSI, Miniminter, W2S, Behzinga, Vikkstar, TBJZL and Zerkaa).

The Money Launcher is fully operational — it is battery operated and is able to fire bills rapidly. It is painted Youtooz glossy pink, and contains the official Sidemen logo on one side, and a Youtooz logo on the other.

It ships with a stack of one hundred individual custom Sidemen x Youtooz bills. Inspired by the United States 100 dollar bill, the unique print was designed by Youtooz artists in collaboration with the Sidemen for this drop. The bills have a custom drawn scene of the Sidemen playing football, and KSI taking the place of Benjamin Franklin.


youtooz x sidemen march 27 ##sidemen ##youtooz

♬ original sound - youtooz

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