Call of Duty
Monkey Bomb Plush (9in)
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The Plush

“Hi I’m Monkey, wanna play?!”

Oh no! Someone threw a Monkey Bomb into Youtooz! We better crowd around it, I’m sure nothing bad will happen! This terrifying monkey sits at 9 inches tall with a pair of cymbals strapped to each hand, readying to let out a series of blaring clashes, as their gritted teeth curve into a slight frown and their eyes glow a bright red. Wearing a blue fez adorned with a gold tassel and a striped long sleeve shirt with khaki shorts, thick brown fur covers their head, leaving only a pale face. While strapped to their back is a series of explosive canisters with colored wires running to the black detonator as a crank sticks out to the side, ready to prime and throw into the midst of battle! This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and made of a mixture of sublimated and normal minky materials, absolutely perfect for cuddling or distracting a horde of zombies at the exact right moment!

About Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a series of First Person Shooter video games spanning two decades and covering multiple wars, both real and fictional, where you take the role of multiple soldiers to fight your way through intricate and compelling stories, or just sniping your friends in wild multiplayer death matches.

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