Monopoly x Youtooz
$40.00 USD

The Monopoly x Youtooz only ships to addresses in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

The Collectible

The classic and family favorite game of Monopoly gets a Youtooz makeover! Officially made in collaboration with Hasbro, this limited edition Monopoly game includes all of the classic game play rules with a Youtooz twist. With every property hand-drawn and customized, this set also includes new player pawns, new homes and hotels, and new chance and community cards! Who will be the ultimate property collector?

About Monopoly

Monopoly is a multi-player financial board game where players take turns moving around the board to collect and buy properties. By building hotels and homes on their properties, the players can charge rent to their opponents with an end goal to drive them into bankruptcy and own the most land.

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