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The Collectible

Welcome to the family! Bringing music to the world while empowering a creative and passionate community through innovation, Monstercat is one-of-a-kind. Begin your adventure with the official Monstercat x Youtooz designer collectible!

Standing 4.7 inches tall, it features the iconic Monstercat in a 3-D setting that’s close to home. Sporting his signature purple bandana with a print of his own recognizable mouth around the neck and black headphones on the head, the figure raises a paw to the audience!

Move with the crowd as Monstercat stands ready to DJ a detailed controller including individual knobs on the mixer, two cue and play buttons, two vinyl decks, multi-colored wires emerging from the ports and a white Monstercat logo printed on the front of the stand. Symbolizing the power of one figure to connect people, Monstercat has proudly revolutionized how music and art from talented artists is showcased around the world, as proven from this double-walled window box, designed by Monstercat's multi-talented design team.

This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve, and promises to be an exciting companion to your journey!

About Monstercat

Monstercat is one of electronic music's most influential independent record labels. Founded in Canada in 2011, its mission has remained the same: to empower a creative and passionate community of artists and fans through innovation. Championing a cadre of world-renowned artists including Marshmello, Vicetone, and Tokyo Machine, Monstercat celebrated over 1.9 Billion audio streams in 2019, and exceeds 150 Million global streams monthly. With 4 releases a week across the Uncaged and Instinct imprints, Monstercat has topped radio and streaming charts worldwide.

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