Motivational Lizard
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Gerald or Vance or Austin or Jessica or Todd

The Collectible

Be the person that I know you can be. Motivational Lizard makes a debut on Youtooz. This smooth figure comes in 5 different color ways, each with a different rarity. Each Motivational Lizard collectible is of identical height, length and width and contains a unique motivating slogan on the belly! To make up for the short height of 1.69 inches, these lizards measure 5.8 inches in length. These happy lizards are welcome in every home. Prints include "we ALL believe in you", "be the person i know you can be", "don't leave anything to chance", "i believe in you pal" and the rare "ur a winner kiddo, don't you ever forget".

Figures come packaged in a double-walled window box, designed in collaboration with Motivational Lizard's creator Vance, the packaging borrows elements from the origin video, letting you hold a chunk of internet lore in your hands. Shipping in a protective embossed outer sleeve, there's no feeling like opening up this Youtooz to discover the super rare colorway you were hoping for.

Random rarity lizard. Which will you get?

About Motivational Lizard

Created by a bored 15-year-old named Vance Latta (also known as Braxton The Porcupine) in his bedroom, Motivational Lizard inspires thousands to continue striving to be their best selves and reach for their dreams. Ur a winner kiddo, don't you ever forget.

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