Motivational Lizard (2FT)
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Motivating Cotton

The Plush

We ALL believe in you. This is the two foot, jumbo version of the Motivational Lizard plush! Cuddle an oversized piece of internet lore! This luscious, fuzzy, purple lizard is a gentle companion reminding you to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. 24 inches in length with carefully embroidered eyes, spots and mouth, this plush is sewn with love using delicate, designer materials handpicked to handle your strongest hugs. This lizard ships in a custom plastic bag. Please do not eat.

About Motivational Lizard

Created by a bored 15-year-old named Vance Latta (also known as Braxton The Porcupine) in his bedroom, Motivational Lizard inspires thousands to continue striving to be their best selves and reach for their dreams. Ur a winner kiddo, don't you ever forget.

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