Mr Bean
Mr Bean
$29.99 USD
Extremely Marvelous Teddy

The Collectible

Leaping one foot forward at 4.7 inches tall, an open suitcase filled with beach tools and Teddy in tow Mr Bean makes his Youtooz debut. Manufactured with a nose (!?), Mr Bean dons his classic, corduroy suit jacket complete with the finest details. The jacket is textured, including elbow pads and buttons on the sleeves, as well as pockets and wrinkles sculpted to match Mr Bean’s motion. He wears a spot patterned red tie which rests on a backdrop of a clean, white dress shirt. He wears a black belt which holds up brown pants whose bottoms reveal grey wool socks tucked into black dress shoes. Inside Mr Beans suitcase is a wrinkled map, supplies to build a sand castle, and best friend Teddy. The packaging was illustrated to capture the British countryside and includes a drawing of Mr Bean’s Leyland Mini car with armchair mounted on top. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Mr Bean

Mr Bean is a slightly oddball of a character with a unique way of approaching everyday problems. He has a warm heart, some great ideas and an otherwise never-ending resource of impatience and opinions. Created as a British sitcom by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, Mr. Bean attracted widespread acclaim and large television audiences during its original 5 year run in the 1990s.

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