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People turn to the internet when they need answers. But from 2010-2013 where did the internet turn when IT needed answers?

Respawn Inbox. Hosted by Sark, Aplfisher, Hutch & SeaNanners. Inbox was where the hardest-hitting questions were fielded. Existential quandaries like, would you rather have "unlimited bacon and no video games or unlimited video games and no video games?"

Welcome to the limited edition Mr Sark Youtooz collectible. With lots of detail, this beautiful figure is 4.7 inches tall and shows an angry Mr Sark smashing his fist on his desk. Wearing a brown apron, black bowtie, dress shirt, black pants and black dress shoes, Sark's desk contains his telephone, pneumatic tube and glass spider. The packaging was designed by Mr Sark to contain brick walls and falling letters. This collectible ships in an embossed, matte, protective sleeve.

About Mr Sark

Scott Robison also known as Mr Sark is an American gamer and commentary creator on Youtube. He's also a comedian, journalist and TV Host living in Texas. He's grown to millions of subscribers throughout his legendary career and is known for being an OG in the gaming community.

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