Mrs. On The Tele
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The Collectible

Fabulous as always, Mrs. on the Tele arrives on Youtooz as the 2019 release of Toby on the Tele! She's cute, she's sassy and you better hope you're on her nice list. Standing 4 inches tall in a cute outfit, Toby is holding an elegant giant feather pen in one hand, and a the official nice list in her other. If you're lucky enough to be on the nice list, we recommend you stay awake during the holidays and watch your chimney for the chance to find Santa Fitz delivering presents late at night. This packaging of this figure sets a cold, wintery scene of Toby's holiday workshop, inside which you can find ElfSouls meticulously packaging presents. Be warned! Stay on her nice side, Toby is known for cracking down on the all those who are naughty!

About Toby on the Tele

The one and only ambiguous, pink, queen of the internet. Located somewhere in Melbourne, Australia; Toby can be found wearing designer fashion, streaming or recording at home in her room. If you're going shopping, you want Toby with you. She can draw and is an expert at playing games on Twitch. Once a week she co-hosts the Misfits podcast with Fitz, Swaggersouls, Zuckles, McCreamy, and iNotorious.