Much Swole Print
$100.00 USD
15 x 21
Pumpin’ Iron

Only ships to addresses in the U.S.A. and Canada. Limit of 1 per customer. Edition of 100.

The Print:

Much Muscle, Ver Swole, Ultra Gains!

The swolest of canines blesses us with his presence and this most immaculate limited edition print! Lovingly designed by top notch Youtooz artists and printed in the US on 80# ultra digital uncoated cover paper, it measures in at a brawny 11 by 17 inches, while its sleek black frames comes in at a total 15 by 21 inches. This elegant blue patterned print showcases an average Swole Doge daily routine at the gym, with each square a snapshot of him working out every muscle group to failure, from push ups to bicep curls, lats and of course deadlifts. Hang it in the gym, office or anywhere you need that extra bit of motivation, this print is to remind you to work hard and above all else GET SWOLE!

About Doge

Doge is the loving, confused Shiba Inu doggo that took the internet, and subsequently the world by storm. With a Comic Sans font typically accompanying its internal dialogue, this icon even has it's own coin. Wow.

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