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Catching Them All

The Collectible

Close your eyes and think of the most breathtakingly incredible place in the world you’d like to visit. Set visiting there as a goal and grind your absolute hardest to make it a reality. Our world is a stunning place, forged by millions of years of trial and error, the likes of which seen nowhere else in the observable universe. Get out there and experience as much of it as possible. Sitting 4.5 inches tall on a blue piece of rolling luggage, which has stickers of the Canadian, Japanese, UK, Greek, Australian and French flags. Smiling as usual, Mystic7 can’t wait to fly to his next destination. In one hand is a phone in a white protective case, used to continue catching for his collection, while in the other he holds a vlogging camera attached to a GorillaPod. He wears a clean, crisp white t-shirt with a blue print of his logo. On his feet are white sneakers with dark soles, while his legs are covered by black skinny jeans.

His double-walled window box is designed to look like a map of Earth, inspired by his world traveling lifestyle and endless thirst to live life. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Mystic7

Mystic7 is a gaming content creator on Youtube. Known for his start playing Clash of Clans, he has since grown to be a vlogger and avid player of Pokémon GO. He has uploaded thousands of videos since starting his channel in 2013.

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