No No Brush
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Baby Brush

The Collectible

This cute collectible stands 4.8 inches tall. Featuring a detailed sculpt of the baby No No Brush, he wears tighty whities with a curly tail sticking out the backside. His feet are covered in cozy white socks. On his face he smiles, wondering if you like him back. The double-walled window box is illustrated with a multi colored square pattern and a design of space on the outside. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About No No Brush

Who would’ve thought dental care could be so adorable? His special ability is teaching you all about consent, using a seemingly random selection of shapes and poorly improvised rhymes. A play on the 2010 No No Square meme, the No No Brush became a VRChat sensation in 2020. The iconic brush made famous by The Boys - Joshdub, Mully, EddieVR, Juicy and Your Narrator. 

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