Nux Taku
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Lord Nuxanor

The Collectible

I, Lord Nuxanor, the serial flex offender and part-time e-girl extraordinaire have been hand selected by Lord Twigo for the arduous task of flexing on the world (and you know I'm serious cus I said "the world" not "za warudo"). Nux Taku debuts as the first figure in Youtooz's anime collection. Standing 5 inches tall, this figure contains beautiful blue and grey hues on the hair and off-white skin tone. Sporting a devilish grin, he has a small mask on the front of his head with a red X engrave, as well as engraved eyes and vertical separations. On the hoodie is a tribal pattern, as well as dark blue hood, while he wears skinny jeans on his legs. On the feet are fuzzy looking pink slippers. The window box was designed in collaboration with Nux Taku and is a clean, white and blue design. The collectible ships in a matte, embossed protective outer sleeve.

About Nux Taku

Nux Taku is a Canadian content creator on Youtube who creates deeply analytical videos about anime culture. He also enjoys flexing and is best known for his Honest Anime Descriptions series.

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