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The Collectible

Son of a biscuit! The man known as Ohmwrecker, AKA the masked gamer, cracked into existence much like a terminator sent back in time. He put his amped reactions and electric personality to work in any video game he played to draw crowds. But by some twist of fate, his human form became crossed with a silly rabbit, leading to the Ohm we know and love today. 4.9 inches tall, this edition of Ohmwrecker is supercharged. Blues and grey lighting pulses out of his palms as he stands without a care in the world. On his feet are detailed grey and white sneakers. He wears a unique hoodie complete with his logo and bunny ears, painted pink on the inside. The interior of the hoodie is pink as well. His hands are protected from energy by white fingerless gloves, while his eyes are covered by a grey mask with a black print of his logo. The window box is illustrated using dark themes and lightning elements. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, outer sleeve.

About Ohmwrecker

Ohmwrecker is a gaming creator making videos on Youtube. A true OG, his first gaming video was uploaded on August 21st, 2006. Persevering through life, Ohmwrecker has become a symbol of positivity and perseverance in the community.