OK Boomer
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The Collectible

Back in my day.... OK Boomer is your typical, middle-aged corporate worker. Fresh off the production line, this meme ships wearing a bland collared dress shirt, glasses and a standard stay-in-your-lane boomer haircut complete with outdated world views! Standing at 4.5 inches tall, he is sculpted out of Youtooz’s legendary high quality vinyl, complete with glasses and a ‘I know better than you’ look. The window box is inspired by a 1990s workplace, complete with 5 Easter eggs. The window box ships in an embossed protective, external sleeve.

About OK Boomer

OK Boomer is a middle-aged bull terrier dog with an uncanny resemblance to either Callmecarson or your average human boomer man. OK Boomer’s specialities include, but are not limited to: wreaking havoc on the planet’s environment, roasting younger generations for their tolerant views, telling you to “walk-in and apply for the job, you’ll get it!” and being generally out of tune with the current state of the world.