Oliver Tree 1ft
$120.00 USD
#1 Professional Scooter Rider

Only ships to addresses in the USA, EU, UK, Canada and Australia.

The Collectible

Oliver Tree’s deluxe collectible debuts on Youtooz with the release of the world’s number 1 professional scooter rider. Oliver Tree grips the handlebars of his red, green and blue scooter while mean mugging you with a look over his shoulder. His iconic bowl cut is carefully sculpted, with a cloud of smoke sculpted behind the rear wheel of the scooter. He wears bright red shades, red slides, white socks and his iconic jacket. His custom shipping box is illustrated showing a chaotic scene on a pink background, with lots of fire and a plethora of other surprises.

About Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree is a musician, comedian and filmmaker living in California. He is known for his unique look and outlandish eccentricity and persona.

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