OverEzEggs Plush (9in)
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Sunny Side Up
October 1 – October 31

The Plush

Women want her and fish fear her! So crack those eggs open cuz Youtooz likes them OverEz! That's right, OverEzeggs is has arrived for her debut with the most adorable Yolk for you to take home! This four-eyed, two-tailed, lil guy stands at 9 inches tall and is covered in a soft yellow fur with their belly a white and yellow yolk centre which matches the tips of their toes and long fluffy ears. With the brightest, happiest face, this cutie's mouth sit open in a huge smile between its four eyes, with the top ones absolutely beaming as the lower squint and a ball tipped antennae springs out from the top of their head. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of the softest minky material, with a little bit of a long pile of minky material in the ear tufts. Absolutely perfect for cuddling or serving with!

About OverEzEggs

OverEzEggs, the y'all'ternative Kitsune' is a VTuber whose character design is inspired by the Kitsune who uploads an array of videos ranging from art videos and gaming, having gained her a following of over 52k followers on Twitch.

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